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a brother and sister were in an accident on their way to class on a rural road. the brother was killed. the sister and a third teenager survived. pat collins is at liberty high school where they're remembering the life of the student athlete. >> reporter: he was on his way to liberty high school. he was a passenger in the car, his sister was with him. a friend was at the wheel. there was a crash. 16-year-old ian heflin ends up dead. dead, just a few miles away. as word spread about what happened here, friends stopped by here. here to remember 16-year-old ian heflin, a cheerleader, a lacrosse player, killed in a car on his way to school this morning. >> he always brightened everyone's day. >> reporter: and then for him to die this way. >> he didn't -- i couldn't -- he
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didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: a curve warning, a broken hubcap, some bouquets of flowers, markers at the site of this tragic crash, the scene, this curvy rural road near bealton, three teenagers in the car on their way to school. the orange lines and skid marks tell the story. police say the 1996 toyota went off the road here into the grass, and that the driver -- the driver overcorrected. now, look at the skid marks. you can see how the car went across the road into the oncoming lane. then down into this ditch. and into that tree over there. the passenger in the front seat killed on impact. the passenger in the back seat seriously injured. medevacked to a hospital. the driver, they say he was
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unhurt. killed in the crash, ian heflin. seriously injured is his 14-year-old sister. the 17-year-old driver and both passengers were all wearing seat belts. on twitter, many remembrances. you were so sweet to me. never take a life for granted. ian heflin, he was an amazing guy. he'll never be forgotten. rest in paradise, baby. i can't stop crying. so what caused this crash? was it speed? was it distraction? or was it something else? virginia state police, they're investigating. live in fauquier county, pat collins, news4. investigators are trying to figure out what led to a crash between a school bus and an s r. four children went to a hospital. they were all in elementary
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school. they had minor injuries. it happened this morning. paramedics also took two people from the suv to the hospital. everyone expected to be okay now. it happened at maryland avenue and great falls road. it shut down traffic in that area for part of the morning commute. politics now. president obama will go to the united nations tomorrow. he'll focus on the wave of anti-american violence that he has called a bump in the road. mitt romney today argued that the violence is more than a bump, it's a crisis and said he would have managed it better. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this. >> reporter: good evening. running for re-election, president obama is trying to reduce the public perception of a middle east crisis. and a u.s.-israeli controversy. president obama headed to new york where critics are assailing his priorities. he'll address the united nations. but make another cpaign appearance on "the view" like this one in may. instead of meeting one on one with world leaders.
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no meetings scheduled with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who's angered democrats by publicly demanding a tougher obama stance on iran. on "60 minutes," the president seemed to dismiss netanyahu as noise. >> any pressure that i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people. and i am going to block out any noise that's out there. >> reporter: the white house claimed what the president meant was -- >> his objective is to take every step possible to enhance israel's security. >> reporter: mr. obama had downplayed anti-american rioting. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road. >> reporter: but after benghazi, the u.s. ambassador to libya asass natd, three more americans murdered, with egypt run by islamists, syria out of control, mitt romney campaigning in colorado blamed barack obama. >> these are not bumps in the road, these are human lives.
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these are developments we do not want to see. this is time for a president who will shape events in the middle east. >> reporter: in our presidential election, romney is trailing in colorado and in ohio, a must-win state for him where he campaigns tomorrow. >> and look, we're going to win. no question in my mind we're going to win. >> reporter: six weeks to go. one reason president obama is limiting diplomatic time at the u.n. and his united nations speech tomorrow will be mostly aimed at american voters. i'm steve handelsman, news4. in a related development, iran's president also in new york to address the u.n. today he called for the elimination of israel. president mahmoud ahmadinejad made that statement to reporters. the national security council said president ahmadinejad's comments are characteristically
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disgusting and outrageous. and underscore why the security to israel must be unshakable and iran be held accountable for failure to meet its obligations. we're learning more about what may have caused the panda cub at the national zoo to pass away yesterday. it happened just six days after it was born. darcy spencer is live at the zoo tonight with more on what the veterinarians found and how the mother panda is coping with the loss. darcy? >> reporter: zoo officials say this loss is especially devastating. they have waited six long years for a cub to be born. and now they are determined to figure out exactly why she died. the panda house at the national zoo is closed. zoo officials are giving mei xiang some breathing room after the loss of her cub. >> this put a little damper on your trip? >> i was kind of sad. i really wanted to see the pandas. >> reporter: it was a disappointment for many visitors. the joy of the birth turned to heart break after the loss.
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this school group is visiting from minnesota. >> the trip has been planned for two years. that was just the highlight. now it's kind of the saddest part of the trip so far. >> reporter: national zoo officials say they believe the giant panda cub that diedfter just six days of life was a female and they're getting closer to figuring out why the tiny bear died sunday morning. >> we found free fluid in the abdomen. that's an unusual finding. the liver, by palpation, by touching, felt a little bit hard in places. and it also appeared abnormal. >> reporter: in fact, the zoo's lead veterinarian said the liver appeared to be most abnormal. they're waiting for the results of further testing to determine the exact cause of death. they have ruled out the possibility that the mother mei xiang could have accidently harmed her baby. >> there were no external signs of trauma, which indicates there was not a crushing injury. >> we continue to mourn the loss of this cub. >> reporter: indications are from zoo authorities that mei
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xiang ismourning, too. cradling a cub-sized toy and remaining in the nest she built in the days leading up to the birth. >> she's going through a process where she's figuring out that she's lost the cub. >> reporter: zoo officials are not commenting whether they'll breed here again, or if they could be traded in for another pair. >> it's sad. i hope they get to have another one. >> reporter: zoo officials say they will have a complete report on the death in the next two weeks. reporting live from the national zoo, darcy spencer, news4. all of the entrance escalators at the bethesda metro station were out of service eay this morning because of a mechanical problem. it remained open but commuters had to walk down the escalator stairs to get to the platform. they were able to fix the problem and they were back in operation by 7:00. the governor of virginia says keeping metro open during the nationals play-off games is a regional issue. and that everyone should
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contribute a little to find a solution. mcdonald made those comments this morning on wtop radio. he's asked the metro board representative to get involved in the situation on how to get funding so the fans can take metro to and from the games. the nationals clinched a postseason berth last week, the games begin in three weeks. amtrak is planning to go really fast in parts of the northeast this week. rail service is running high-speed tests on four stretches of track, including the route between perryville, maryland, and wilmington, delaware. some trains will run at 165 miles an hour during the overnight hours. the testing is part of a $450 million project paid for by the federal high-speed rail program. amtrak says the tts will not have any impact on normal operations. nice fall day outside. and a cool evening out there. enjoy this weather while you can, because there are some changes coming this week. storm team 4 meteorologist doug
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kammerer has more on what we can expect. hey, doug. >> hi, doreen. this evening you'll probably need a jacket as you step out, over the next couple of days, it may be the umbrellas you could be needing. 68 degrees right now, with winds out of the west at about 3 miles per hour. 64 in gaithersburg. 64 in winchester. still 70 in culpepper, the warm spot. temperatures today about as cool as they've been since late april. how about that. some very cool air. no rain out there right now. but that's going to be changing over the next couple of days. we're going to have a frontal boundary drape right across our region wednesday, thursday into friday, and i think we have a good chance of seeing rain just about all of the end of the week. this evening, thinking about heading out and about, maybe toward damascus into portions of montgomery county, looking very good for you folks. 63 degrees. sun going down just before 7:00. waking up to a very cool 42. get the jackets out and be ready. coming up, a high school
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health scare. something a teacher brought to school may have sent kids to the hospital. insider attacks are raising new questions about the future of the war in afghanistan. nbc news is getting some answers. the very people you're training to take over this mission are in some cases turning their weapons against americans and other coalition forces. there are new fears that the threat of a pepco strike could affect your service. and a truck driver has quite a survival story to tell.
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it's a critical time for the u.s. in afghanistan. the troops, raising the question about the future safety of our troops and afghan civilians. lester holt sat down with general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. he had a lot to say about what's next for the war. >> the nature of this campaign is not ultimately for us to defeat the taliban. the nature of this campaign is for us to give the afghan
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national security forces the wherewithal to create security in this country, so the rule of law can be embraced and economic development opportunity and development can move forward. >> you're at a critical movement. this is a horrible year for insider attacks. the very people you're training to take over this mission are in some cases turning their weapons against american and coalition forces. can that go on and how do you prevent that from undermining your mission? >> it has my full attention. we're going to work as hard as we possibly can, around the clock, to understand the problem, and i think we've got a good grip on it now. and to work very closely with our afghan partners to eliminate this threat. the taliban in infiltrating the ranks of the ansf recognize this is an opportunity for them to try to split us apart. we're going to try very hard to prevent that from happening. >> a soldier has to sleep with one eye open because he's afraid
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somebody's going to shoot him in the middle of the night, doesn't that undermine the whole cohesion of the military? >> it does. we have to work very hard to understand that threat and eliminate that threat. >> general allen admitted they were caught offguard by the taliban attack a couple of weeks ago against a base here that killed two u.s. marines and destroyed six fighter jets. he said the taliban will likely continue attacks even after a sufficient withdrawal. but he has great confidence in the ability of the afghan forces to repel those attacks. lester holt, nbc news, kabul. you can see lester holt's entire interview with general allen tonight at 7:00. his report live from afghanistan will be on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. police want to know who stole a flag from the virginia war memorial over the weekend. police there say that that happened between 3:00 and 4:00 sunday morning. a memorial spokesperson said they believe it took several people to cut the rope that held
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the flag on its pole. there is a surveillance camera watching over the memorial, but it was not focused on the flags at the time of the crime. a veteran has already donated a new flag. he helped put it up today. nbc's third annual education nation summit is under way in new york city now. it's a discussion on how to solve some of the biggest problems in our classrooms. today nbc's andrea mitchell talked with former secretary of state condoleezza rice, who said both her parents were educators and that she is concerned about the disparity in education for poor minorities. >> we can't leave kids in failing neighborhood schools. if they have to go to a charter school, get a voucher and go to a private school, then we've got to get it done, because we cannot afford to leave children behind. it goes to the core of who we are as americans. >> rice is now a professor at stanford university. she said even some of america's best schools lag behind schools in other industrialized nations.
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education nation wraps up tomorrow. president obama and republican presidential republican nominee mitt romney share the views. nbc 4 and our parent company comcast stopped at cramer middle school in southeast d.c. together, we handed out 300 backpacks today as part of our backpacks for kids program. cramer is also a comcast internet essentials target school. that program helps bring affordable internet to low-income families in our region. doug's here now with a check on the weather forecast. it's feeling like fall out there, doug. >> it definitely is, doreen. of course, fall officially began during the day on saturday, early saturday morning. saturday, anything but fall-like, with temperatures into the mid-80s during the day. but now only in the 60s. take a look right now, and you can see some very nice conditions. plenty of sunshine. bright blue skies. it is simply gorgeous. as far as the temperatures go, we saw a high temperature, take a look at our friend, by the
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way. a nice little spider decided to join us this evening. he's loving the weather. 70 degrees the high temperature today. average high is 76. a little bit below average here. low temperatures this morning around 56 degrees. not all that cool. it's going to be a little cooler than that tomorrow morning. look at the record high, 99. 30 degrees warmer than it was today. that set just two years ago in 2010. temperatures, 68 degrees with plenty of sunshine. sun starting to go down. winds out of the west at about 3 miles an hour. we're looking at some very cool evening temperatures. and very cool morning temperatures tomorrow morning. we'll show you how cool in just a second. 65 in martinsburg right now. 64 in gaithersburg. radar picture, not showing anything. there is no rain anywhere close to our region. as a matter of fact, if we widen out here, you still notice rain
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from new york, to cleveland, cincinnati and norfolk. we will stay dry for the next 24 hours. but that's when things begin to change. first, take a look at these nuers. only 59 tonight in state college. only 60 up towards pittsburgh. that's the cool air that is now in place. and will stay in place through the night tonight. tomorrow things will change just a little bit. high pressure dominating the region. that's why we saw plenty of sunshine and why we had the cool air mass. the high slides off to the east. southwest winds kick in. we see a little more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow. still a very nice day. i think we start off with sunshine tomorrow, and we go to more cloud cover and then we see our frontal boundary move toward the region on wednesday. that front will allow for a pretty good chance of showers late wednesday and then into the day on thursday, friday, and possibly saturday as it just meanders around the mid-atlantic states. it's not going to be a washout each day, but it will necessitate the need for the umbrella during the day. showers in the forecast for shower. this evening, mostly clear. nice and cool.
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60 degrees to about 65 in some of the cooler suburbs. winds out of the west at about 5 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, look at these numbers, down to 40, and some of you may slip below 40. we're talking maybe 38, 39 degrees in some of the really cool suburbs. another cool start tomorrow morning. you will need the jacket when you step out. 52 in the city. the wind direction will warm us up during the day tomorrow. increasing clouds late in the day. simply beautiful, once again, temperatures 73 to about 77 degrees. then we get into our rain chances, starting during the day on wednesday, probably late wednesday with a high will 83. 76 on thursday. temperatures 73 degrees on your friday. and a better chance of rain both thursday and friday. and that continues into the weekend. right now, saturday looks like a pretty good chance of rain, too. we may see a little coastal storm developing here. that would increase our rain chances. also increase our chance of moderate to heavy rain. right now enjoy this beautiful
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weather. about 24 more hours of it. >> all right. thank you, doug. hey, check out the new attraction at the sydney harbor in australia. today the sea life aquarium opened to the public. the facility just underwent a $10 million makeover. it features more than 700 different species -- whoa, look at that -- species of sea life and more than 2 million gallons of water. the main addition is the partially submerged shark walk that allows guests to stake a stroll right in the middle of 50 different sharks. that's cool. >> that gets your attention. >> that's the only way i'd like to get up close to a shark. coming up, a new discovery that could change how some women are treated for breast cancer. a brawl so chaotic police may not be able to sort out who should be arrested. virginia voters are already casting their ballots in the 2012 election. i'll tell you whether there's been an early rush coming up. coming up in sports, we're live in redskins park with our
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newest guest analyst, chris cooley. talking defense, rg-iii and replacement refs. we're also taking baseballs. the nationals trying to get it done.
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an unnerving situation at balloon high school in the district today. >> as jackie bensen reports, students reported being sick from an unexpected source. >> reporter: just before 11:00 a.m., the clinic staff at balloon senior high school in southeast washington realized there was something wrong. a number of students began complaining of stomach pansz, one had trouble breathing. three taken to the hospital by ambulance. some parents noticed the activity and rushed to the school to make sure their children were okay. when you see those ambulances,
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it's just for a parent. >> everything is cool. i'm fine. back to work i go. >> reporter: the students said they had eaten apples at the school. armed with this information, investigators were able to locate the rest of the fruit. turns out they were brought to school by a teacher who did so every year. >> the story of a teacher, every year, during test time, brings in apples from her home orchard, back in pennsylvania, and she gives them out to the students. we're starting to think maybe the students were just allergic to apples, or some -- whatever type of pest side may have used on the apples. >> reporter: d.c. department of health officials also responded to the scene. the school's air quality was tested. the reading came back normal. the teacher who gave the apples to her students is said to be very upset about what happened. 24 students were in the class, it's not clear whether all of them ate the apples. jackie bensing, news4. liberty high school in
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fauquier county is mourning the death of a student killed in a crash on the way to school. ian heflin died this morning in which the vehicle he was riding in ran off the road and hit a tree. his 14-year-old sister was seriously injured. the 17-year-old driver was not hurt. the company that makes trader joe's peanut butter is voluntarily pulling dozens of additional products off the shelves because of an outbreak of salmonella. sun land incorporated expanded the recall to include two other brands at trader joe's and more than 70 brands at other stores. the peanut butter has been linked to dozens of cases of salmonella across 18 states. that includes maryland and virginia. late today the d.c. department of health began advising consumers not to eat or buy any of those affected products. today iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad made a provocative comments to reporters in new york ahead of a speech at the united nations.
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the u.n. secretary-general warned him to avoid incendiary rhetoric. white house called the remarks disgusting and offensive. the general election is scheduled for november 6th. that's still a few weeks away. but some people in virginia are already casting ballots. absentee voting is now under way there. and as julie carey explains, there are some new high-tech help to make the process simpler. >> reporter: 3:00 p.m. on day two, and they were waiting in line in the fairfax county office. because of a new law this is the earliest absentee voting is offered in a presidential contest. election officials sent out their first big batch of requested mail-in or e-mail-in absentee ballots. but in fairfax and loudon counties they're slightly below 2008. >> as a general rule, certainly it doesn't feel quite as overwhelming as it did

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